Rashed, the new AR employee, makes his debut

Dubai, November 2018 – C2 Native, a data-driven communication and business transformation lab, asserts its place in the forefront of technological advancements by producing yet another innovative solution, set to revolutionize the communication sector.

C2 Native proudly introduces its new Augmented Reality (AR) character, Rashed, which has been developed for the Abu Dhabi Retirement Pension and Benefits Fund. Rashed will serve as the dedicated happiness agent bringing joy to the employees of the fund and providing them with useful information regarding obligations and events.

Moreover, Rashed will also be able to speak to the public, interact, and provide invaluable information regarding the fund’s policies, serving to clarify, educate, and give sneak peeks to crucial behind the scenes. With his very own social accounts – Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, you can follow “Rashedfund” on his journey, ask him all your questions, and receive all his updates!

C2 Native has been working round the clock to train and personify Rashed and create a holistic image to capture the essence of both him and the fund. When asked about the potential of Rashed in the communication sector, Executive Director of C2 and C2 Native, Roy Aftimos, said in his statement, “The potential and opportunities available for AR characters to revolutionize the way businesses interact with the public are limitless as this aligns with the changing face of communication. By creating a virtual mascot or employee of sorts the entire process of communication, from conception to delivery, could be automated allowing for fewer errors and faster, more accurate response rates.”

C2 Native will continue to push the envelope and produce exciting projects in the upcoming years making it a company to keep an eye on. For more developments and news from C2 Native, follow them on their Instagram: @C2.Native. Facebook, and LinkedIn: C2 Native or visit their website “c2native.io”