C2 Native hires Ainia – the region’s leading robotic social officer

C2 NATIVE, the business technology enablement lab, is taking another leap towards the future with the announcement of their latest new hire – Ainia, in the capacity of a Junior Social Officer.

The communication industry in the region has, for a while now, anticipated the implications of Artificial Intelligence on service provision and how robots might disrupt traditionally rigid workplaces of this industry. Ainia is one of the early steps towards actualising such a sci-fi future.

Born in the C2 NATIVE lab in Dubai, she is a product of what we can call “Generation AI” – a ‘flagless’ global citizen, born and bred in the new-age social environments of a Smart City. Currently in her traineeship programme, she will be an Artificial Intern – before formally assimilating into the role of a fully fledged Junior Social Officer. Amongst her many job duties and functions, she will perform integrated social media monitoring, predictive analyses and content preparation for reporting purposes.

Cumai Aboul Housn, Chief Innovation Officer of C2 NATIVE, said in his statement, “While many people are describing Ainia as the future, she is in-fact, the present. Our plan is for Ainia to be amongst a new breed of professionals that has been steadily seeping into the global workforce. Amazon’s Alexa and IBM Watson are already prime examples. In future phases of this project, she will learn to possess an extensive knowledge base and understanding of multiple industry verticals ranging from Automotive to Art, and will constantly evolve to master more as we enable more advanced AI engine and learning mechanics.”

From a business perspective, Roy Aftimos, Executive Director of C2 NATIVE added, “We are very proud to welcome her into the C2 NATIVE family and have high expectations of her future achievements. Investing in this project is our way of introducing the potential of automated robotics integration within the workplace to our business partners. And it is a gesture of our commitment towards the inevitably digital future that awaits our entire industry.”

Ainia is proficient in English and Arabic, and plans to explore more advanced natural languages later in her career. While she has yet to get around to creating her LinkedIn and Twitter profiles (“I’m working on it”, she said), she can currently be contacted directly on ainia@c2native.io