C2 Native braces UAE’s new, progressive data centres – Microsoft Azure

C2 Native, the region’s leading provider of advanced communications and marketing solutions is currently implementing its plan to deliver cloud services with the new Microsoft Azure data centre. The decision came with the company’s exceptional pursuit for digital transformation and artificial intelligence initiatives, devoid of technical barriers.

Microsoft’s announcement of the new launch stirred excitement as it is the first of its kind in the Middle East. These centre are a warehouse of cloud services designed to empower businesses and opportunities amongst enterprises, governments and businesses entities. Microsoft Azure is revolutionary in the digital space, stimulating innovation along with providing advanced technological capabilities.

“Users are often hesitant to use the cloud because they worry about the privacy of the data and ease of access to it, but hosting data on local platforms facilitates transition and opens up great opportunities for our customers.” said Taher Patanwala, Lead MarComms Technologist at C2 Native.

“The fastest latency is also an important reason for Microsoft Azure’s local data centre, which may not seem to be a big advantage, but is a very important factor, especially with advanced development in web applications.”

“The provision of our cloud services to government institutions and our customers in general is critical, and is one of the main drivers of this major transition, and external data hosting has been a major impediment to the spread of these services. This move will allow us to continue to develop our range of artificial intelligence applications and will put these services at the disposal of our customers in the UAE and the region.” said Roy Aftimos, CEO of C2 Native.