8 Ways to Put the Algorithm in the Auto Rhythm (Episode 2)

Previously on the auto rhythm series, we discovered what the latest tech trends in the auto industry were.

In this episode, let’s switch gears and dive into how we can market these new technologies on digital platforms with the right message, at the right time to enhance the customer’s experience.

The mobility landscape has been racing past major changes as digital technology has gotten in the driver’s seat of the automotive revolution. Automobile marketers are looking to enhance the customer experience so,  let’s zoom through 4 exciting digital marketing trends you expect to see in the auto industry this year. In this episode, we’ll take a look at the top automotive social marketing trends that are hot off the press in 2018.


Mobile dominates the digital scene


The modern auto shopper is digitally savvy and relies primarily on online research, mobile and video content for information on vehicles’ features, functions and configuration before they decide. By the time they get to the dealership, the modern auto shopper is armed with a truckload of information. Therefore, it is crucial to be present at the beginning of the auto shopper’s journey to win the sale.

Remember: Mobile devices are key in an auto shopper’s journey and are prominent in digital interactions because:

Local results rise to the top


The Internet is numero uno when it comes to vehicle research. Therefore, the search engine is where the car shopper’s online journey begins. OEMs and dealerships, therefore, need to be discoverable early in the buying cycle. Always remember- optimizing your presence in search engines is crucial to auto sales as:

Video disrupts the content scene


With only a short window for brands to distinguish themselves, marketers need to invest in producing video content for smartphones. The reason being that smartphones are fast becoming the backbone of consumers’ digital experiences. Enabling potential buyers to discover a car from various functions and features via videos with important information critical because:

Reach out fast via digital platforms


With a considerable number of local auto buyers in the market for over 50% less than international buyers (6 months), auto companies need to stand out from the pack by establishing a strong digital presence. They can achieve this with search engine optimization, social listening and monitoring digital as well as offline body language.

It is so important for marketers to reach out to potential customers early on in the buying cycle as:

So to wrap up, let’s run through your checklist for marketing in the automotive industry:                                       

Automotive social marketing checklist:- 


Bridge the gap between you and your customers by mapping the moments that matter by:

  • detailing your brand and nameplate terms on your site
  • working hand in hand with an SEM expert to optimize your site to appear in the top results in search engines
  • investing in the mobile opportunities to anchor micro-moments in the shopper’s journey
  • establishing search programs to respond to customer needs at all phases and moments
  • creating online video content that informs the auto shopper about your vehicles’ configuration and customization features
  • maintaining always-on activity to promote key products and brand values.


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