Advanced Performance Marketing

Empowered by Big-Data technology, the modern cross-channel & cross-device marketing model is now a possibility. Our deep knowledge of new-era technologies empowers our partners to maximize results while minimizing wastage in paid media through investment in sustainable technological solutions. (more…)

Business & Digital Transformation

In an era of rapid transformation, a culture that is versatile is paramount to be able to deliver on customer’s wishes for an aspirational, tech-enhanced life and orchestrate a consistent and distinct experience for each one of them.  (more…)

Innovative Solutions

Business Transformation requires the enablement of tomorrow’s technologies, today. AI, NLP, ML, AR & VR are some of the available technologies to empower businesses advancing to the future. Our team specializes in exploring this type of disruptive solution to envision the brand's potential in the next. (more…)

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Cumai Aboul Housn

Cumai Aboul Housn

Chief Innovation Officer
Roy Aftimos

Roy Aftimos

Managing Director
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