Real Time Data Analysis

The informed decision is not enough anymore, the decision maker requires real-time visibility of the full business workflow. We enable marketers and management to achieve this with the power of our data connectivity and visualization engine

AI Intelligent Assistant

Robotic process automation "RPA" and Intelligent Assistants are defining our future. Our first attempt into this field was our robotic team member Ainia, the one-year-old fellow is now stepping out of our lab to serve other businesses. Checkout

Modern Social Media Marketing

Our new approach to social media marketing is simple, replace the traditional product/service-centric strategy with a customer-centric content. Listen to your audience, produce and deliver the right message in the right form when they are ready to consume it.

Future Technologies

Business transformation requires the enablement of tomorrow's technologies, today. AI, NLP, ML, VR & AR are some of the available technologies to help businesses passing to the future. Our team specializes in exploring this type of disruptive solutions.

Big Data Advertising

Empowered by Big-Data technology, the modern cross-channel and cross-devices advertising model is now a possibility. Our deep knowledge in DMP helps our partners maximize results and minimize the waste in ad spend by investing in sustainable technology solutions.

Marketing Automation

We help our partners automate the whole marketing funnel. By defining the customer journey touch points and orchestrating the communication channels and content, the personalized user experience is a possibility today, fully automated and 100% measurable.


Meet the team

Cumai Aboul Housn

Cumai Aboul Housn

Chief Innovation Officer
Roy Aftimos

Roy Aftimos

Managing Director
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